Reform School for Aging Skin

Dr. Murad raises the bar for anti–aging performance with the ultimate expression of his glycolic acid skin renewal formula, featuring antioxidant superstar Carotenoids in a new Glyco Firming Complex.



Ultimate Moisture

Dr. Murad launches a collection of luxurious, moisture-rich products, called Hydro–Dynamic®, that improve skin's water balance for up to 8 hours.



Murad Premieres Hybrids Treatment Cosmetics® Line

Hybrids are intelligently engineered 2–in–1 problem solvers that blend a skin–perfecting cosmetic with Murad's innovative skin–transforming treatments.



The Water Secret

In his fourth book, The Water Secret, Dr. Murad conclusively demonstrates that the ultimate key to a more youthful appearance, optimal health and well–being is the ability of each cell to hold water.



Sun Undone®

Dr. Murad advances environmental skin damage treatment with a new Vitamin C technology that delivers 50 times the free radical–neutralizing power of prior generations of Vitamin C.



Taking The Murad Inclusive Health Center® to the World

The Murad Inclusive Health Center branches out across the country and the world through innovative partnerships with premier spas and medical facilities.



The Ultimate Prescription for Genetic Aging

Dr. Murad classifies the visible markers for age–related changes as Genetic Aging. He discovers that the complex chemistry of Asia's superfruit, the Durian, offers new pathways to help take anti–aging skincare ingredients deeper into the skin.



Murad Inclusive Health Spa®

Dr. Murad opens his Inclusive Health Center to create individually tailored programs designed to reduce the rate of cellular aging through topical skincare, internal skincare and emotional self–care.



The Cellulite Solution

Dr. Murad publishes his third book, The Cellulite Solution. It’s an entirely new way of thinking about and treating cellulite as a health problem, not a fat problem.



New Energy to Vitalize Tired Skin

Dr. Murad develops the Energizing Pomegranate Complex which blends the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory power of Pomegranate fruit and seed extracts with Artemia Extract to boost the cell’s ability to produce the health energy needed to function optimally.



Cultural Stress®

Dr. Murad identifies Cultural Stress—the unrelenting day–to–day stress of modern living—as a major factor contributing to the chronic exhaustion and declining health of people of all ages.



The Murad Method

Dr. Murad publishes his first book, The Murad Method, and shares with the world his revolutionary theories about Cellular Water, wrinkle reduction and optimizing health.



The Cellular Water Principle®

Dr. Murad publishes his first book, The Murad Method, and shares with the world his revolutionary theories about Cellular Water, wrinkle reduction and optimizing health.



Hormonal Aging Syndrome

Dr. Murad recognizes that changes in women’s hormone profiles trigger Hormonal Aging. He develops the Resurgence® Regimen to target the dryness, sagging, and dullness of hormonally aged skin.



Ethnobotanical Ingredients

Furthering the quest for skincare innovation, plants traditionally used for healing are studied at Murad Laboratories. This research leads to the discovery of the skin health–enhancing benefits of botanicals like Soy, Pomegranate, Goji Berry and Turmeric.



Murad’s First Patent

In recognition of unique scientific discoveries that have advanced the treatment of skin, Dr. Murad is granted the first of his 19 patents.



Environmental Aging

Dr. Murad identifies Environmental Aging as aging caused by sun, pollution and other, external aggressors and develops powerful new Vitamin C formulas he calls, Environmental Shield that open new avenues of treatment for environmentally damaged, skin.



Internal Skincare

He develops a revolutionary “inside out” approach to skincare that uses dietary supplements to improve the health and appearance of skin by improving the strength of each cell in the body.



Pioneering Multi-Channel Marketing

Murad launches it’s first infomercial and is the first skincare company to enter into the world of multi–channel marketing. More than ten years later, it still ranks among the top ten infomercials of all time.



The Murad Recipe

Dr. Murad introduces a new level of performance to professional and home skincare products with a “recipe” that combines antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and hydrators.



Scientific Education for Skincare Professionals

Dr. Murad introduces a new scientific based curriculum to provide estheticians with the knowledge base they need to improve skin’s health and appearance.



The First Doctor Brand—Murad Skincare

Dr. Murad founds Murad, Inc., the first brand of clinical skincare products. He transforms the old fashioned “cleanse, tone and moisturize” beauty regimen into a skincare treatment regimen by combining cleansing and toning in one step and offering new treatment products as step two. His new Murad AHA Rapid Exfoliator™ becomes the anti-aging treatment breakthrough that changes the face of professional esthetics.